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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Its a Wrap-per...

Milkmaids Poster Small

Milkmaids DVD Cover
Left to Right – Aimee Keeble, Katharine Leis
Tonia Kerr and Jonathan Charles Doyle

Well, Pat Martin’s latest film, Milkmaids, has gone to production.  Lots of long nights over the past week getting final edits done, sweetening the sound, designing the packaging and then producing it all.  I don’t know how he does it – editing 10 hours of raw video into a 16 minute short film over the course of a year seems like an agonizing way to direct one’s creative efforts and make a (partial) living, but its what he loves… how can you argue with that?


Pat, Terry Cronin and their families are headed out to San Diego for Comicon – “The world’s biggest comic book convention(tm)”, where the movie will be offered for sale for the first time.  I think Pat’s bringing something like 100 copies, which isn’t many for such a big show, but I guess he’ll see how they sell and go from there.  Of course they’re bringing the Students of the Unusual comics as well – I think they’re up to 4 issues now.  Look for a Milkmaids plus Students of the Unusual promo if you’re out there… or ask for one if there isn’t one!

I like how the movie came out.  I was asked by a friend recently to describe the plot without spoiling it, which was tough, but I’ll try to do it here and sound like a movie critic:

Cover Car

Three college co-eds spending the summer at a remote country house.  The good looking boyfriend.  Things that go bump in the night.  The axe-wielding neighbor… the cat.  But its hard to describe the film without spoiling, so I’ll just say this.  Milkmaids is a taut psychological thriller, delivering a big bang for the buck in just 16 minutes.”

Cover 3

Besides the movie, the DVD includes a brief slideshow of stills showing both action and behind-the-scenes stuff.  If you can find a friend who has a copy, watch it.  Or buy one at Comicon.  Or go to the 3 Boys Productions website for details on ordering.  Either way, don’t miss it – its a labor of love with a nasty plot twist.  If we’re lucky, 3 Boys may post a snippet via streaming media on the web, or maybe eventually post the whole thing in a small window size.  After all, no one would want to screw up the movie’s long tail which you can read about here and here.


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