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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Life is good...

A couple of years ago, I received a great t-shirt as a gift.  It had a logo of a fish on the front, and a little logo saying “Life is good” on the back.  I’d never seen the line before, but loved the shirt.  Over time, Life is good has grown into a company, a product line and a state of mind.


Bumming around in Stuart a couple of days ago, I saw another great Life is Good t-shirt with a cartoon of a guy grilling.  I thought… “I’d like to have that”, and then two hours later by total coincidence, I’m standing in front of it in a storefront.  I bought it… its the same great quality as the original shirt.  I’m gonna wear it today while grillin’ and chillin’ on Fathers Day.

Life is Good has an awesome website.  Besides supporting your local retailer, they have a really wide selection of shirts, mugs, caps and other cool stuff.  If I’m shopping for a birthday present for you this summer, you might get some of this… check it out at


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