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Friday, June 03, 2005

Return on Customer...


Got a galley of a new/soon-to-be-released business book called Return on Customer.  Its written by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, who are pretty much the parents of “One-to-One” marketing.  The book should be interesting.  A company picking its customers is in many ways more important than customers picking the company, as divergent customers in divergent markets with divergent needs are a death-knell for many organizations, or at least the small ones.

Customer Service is such an easy thing to say and such a hard thing to do – I think many if not most organizations need at least a little help here.  And I’m very curious whether Rogers and Pepper differentiate or discuss internal versus external customers, like some organizations do so well.  I see this kind of trouble – not understanding who the internal customer is, or not being understood as the internal customer, frequently.

I’ve started a Technorati Watchlist here, if anyone’s interested – you can subscribe to it with your newsreader/aggregator and will receive updates on blog postings from all over – if there are any.  I did a title search but nothing showed up – don’t know if the search was faulty or if the blogosphere isn’t discussing/posting on this yet.

I’ve heard there are some links pertinent to the book and its concepts, too… I don’t have them handy, but will post them once I round them up.  In the meantime, if you’re familiar with the book either leave a comment or post thoughts on your blog – lets get the conversation started.


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