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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Students of the Unusual

Hey - while I was browsing for the Three Boys Productions link, I remembered that Pat's involved in another creative (ad)venture - its a comic book series called Students of the Unusual. I don't know the history, but Terry Cronin, one of the Three Boys, has been working to design and produce a comic book, and its underway. Got a cool review on, although it was hard to find (could someone make a good search engine, please - grin).

Pat's a creative guy - and a real hard worker. He's gearing up to sort of change careers and put his fulltime efforts into writing, independant filmmaking and other creative pursuits; I respect it and envy him. Has to be a bit intimidating to commit to doing all this creative stuff full time, but that's his passion. Of course its a little fun for me, too, since I get to be computer-boy to his creative genius. A little Final Cut Pro here, a little "can you fix the computer" there. All low pressure, high fun stuff.


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