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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Great Weekend...

Another great weekend after a crappy week at work. Lazed around on Saturday – a few honey-do’s here, a couple of margaritas there… great day. Cooked up some sea scallops to top a field greens salad with a balsamic peanut sauce dressing and a good time was had by all. Tonight it was chicken on the grill and fresh quasi-caprese salad with tomato, mozzarella, basil, onion and capers. Very easy – very good.


After dinner, Jonathan and I spent a couple of hours working with Pat to wrap up post-production on his latest project, a 15 minute short called “Milkmaids”. Milkmaids is reminiscent of a classic “B” horror flick, filmed entirely on location in Hobe Sound and with an all-Florida cast.

Pat Martin directing Milkmaids

Comic-Con 2005 is coming up in San Diego in less than two weeks, and the movie will be offered for sale there for the first time. We’re mostly done save a little more sound sweetening and fixing a couple of little glitches if we have time. We’re editing in Final Cut Pro and producing the DVD with DVD Studio Pro on the Mac, and its going pretty well. Tonight was a pre-flight on output to DVD and testing some of the DVD menus. Jonathan’s credited in the movie now, having filled the coveted job of “Gopher Boy”. He had fun – we all did…

Raining like an SOB at the moment… kind of nice with the lightning light show. Tomorrow morning brings an hour-long telephone interview for some promotional stuff for my real job, followed by an afternoon of meetings. I can’t wait… NOT!


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