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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Countdown to Roofdom - Not Soon Enough...

Probably not a big deal for those of you with roofs, but I still don't really have one. The Army Corps. of Engineers blue tarp roof is tattered in a few places - thankfully all over the garage, where I guess it doesn't matter much if the damned drywall ceiling gets ruined a bit more.

I should start a Countdown to Roofdom website, where folks like me can publish the date they think the roofer will actually come and do the job. Maybe even start a little pool/lottery of some sort based on roofing dates. I've been looking for an online business - maybe hosting Sharepoint ISN'T the right idea...

UPDATE: this post lost something in the translation when I changed its original title to the pithy "Countdown to Roofdom". Would this have sounded a little less like random roof-ranting if I'd kept the original - "Its Raining Like a Sonofabitch"? Probably.


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