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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Some Folks Just Get It...

Here's a brief e-mail exchange with someone I've never met, and had no idea existed before today. Extends my comments below on evangelism and getting a kick out of offering ideas and seeing them implemented in the real world:

Hi Michael,

I'm enjoying reading your blog – I picked up the Guy Kawasaki reference (I'm bugging him to start a blog). I was going to make a mention to that effect on your blog, but noticed you're not using Trackback. With the "internet marketing" comment in your site description, I'm surprised – Trackback is a great (free) way to generate additional traffic for your website.

I use Blogger for my site, too, and Haloscan provides a free service you can implement in about 5 minutes to do comments and Trackback. I'm not affiliated with either company – just trying to get more blog owners to implement some Trackback system so its easy to have web
conversations that span blogs.

If you'd like more info, either on how to implement or the concept, feel free to reply. I have nothing to sell to you, and nothing to gain from the conversation.




Thanks for your email. I have put in the Trackback system now.

Thanks for the tip your blog also looks very interesting. I am also amazed by the "power of the internet" how just one link somewhere can boost your traffic.



Some folks just get it - they look at an idea, and just fricking do it. A fancy term might be "A Bias Toward Action" (Covey). This exchange start to finish was one suggestion, one implementation - 4 hours elapsed. Amazing, especially considering the conversation spanned the globe!

More on Trackback some other time, but between now and then, the blog referred to here is "Retire Young and Wealthy" (don't worry - its one person's observations, not some cheesy Internet get-rich-quick site), and its written by an Australian living in Japan. Stop by and tell Michael I sent you...


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