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Friday, February 25, 2005

WOW! 3 Boys Productions Goes Mainstream...

For the past several weeks, Pat has been cramming to finish his new Indie movie, Milk Maids (a short horror flick), for an exclusive almost-done showing tonight in Orlando. Actually we've both been cramming - I'm Pat's computer guy so that means we've been editing our collective ass off on Final Cut Pro. The movie's coming along, but I'm sorry to report that despite the numerous late-night edit-fests, we still have way too much ass left for my liking.

OK - enough of that. Little did I know this morning, as I browsed around my inbox full of traditional media stuff delivered electronically, I'd see a reference in the Orlando Sentinel's "Orlando City Beat" e-zine.

MegaCon's Indy Film Expo - 3 Boys Productions and their new comic anthology "Students of the Unusual" are proud to host MegaCon's Indy Film Expo. Independent films, animation and cutting edge horror! Guest actors, distributors, filmmakers and great films that you might not see anywhere else. $5 donation to benefit ACTOR. 5:10 - 7:10 p.m., Room 224 D & H

Damn! Mainstream media attention for a couple of guys doing Indie films, and hosting a mini-indie film fest at MegaCon - a massive comics convention in Orlando (Terry got the gig and is hosting it - these guys get into some interesting stuff. Great teamwork!). The MegaCon Indie Film Fest is profiled here, and starts at 5:00 pm. Be there.

And chill out, Pat. Remember - out of the thousands of folks who say "I think I'd like to make a movie", you're one of the guys that did. More than once.

If you see Pat and Terry there, tell them I can't wait to hear how the screening goes!


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