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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Off the RSS Radar...

Once in a while I'll realize a blog I'm used to reading isn't showing up in Outlook anymore. It doesn't seem to be a NewsGator problem - maybe something changes in the way content is fed, or more likely changes in feed URLs (HINT: if you're a blog owner changing feeds and you'd like us to keep reading, PLEASE post on the change BEFORE changing the feed!)

One blog I was really enjoying a month or so ago was re:invention, by Kirsten Osolind. Realized I hadn't seen anything lately, looked for the folder (it was gone) surfed on over and sure enough - lots of great new stuff. One recent post I liked is on women entrepreneurs doing business with giants (I didn't agree with the suggestion that national PR placement is necessary/effective, but hey - I don't have to!), and another I responded to on Conversation Capital, which was very, very interesting.

I read Kirsten's stuff for two reasons - one, I'd like to better understand the world of business and entrepreneurship from a woman's perspective. If I'm going to mentor/consult for early-stage companies, better knowing key issues for women entrepreneurs will be helpful, although I don't expect to focus in this area. Second, much of what I've read, while packaged and targeted to Kirsten's primary audience, is great advice widely applicable to most businesses.


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