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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hey, I'M A GENIUS...

Don't sue me... this is Fair Use.

Well, since some of you know me, I have to retract that statement. I must be smart, though, 'cause unbeknownst to me, I blogged on a topic that nearly simultaneously was in one of the bastions of American media. I commented on Amazon Theater, and what do you know, when browsing around tonight I tripped over a BusinessWeek article entitled "The New Wave of Net Films". Hey - maybe BusinessWeek got the idea for the article from blahgkarma! (not)

Here's the caption for the article:

"At their best, these branded movie shorts are entertaining, engaging, and great sales tools. At their worst, they're just overly long ads."

Personally, I've enjoyed the films. I have to admit that they haven't done a darned thing to move me to buy any of the featured products - I don't even look at the product listings afterward - but if Amazon and their advertisers want to invest in these, I'll keep watching.


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