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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Selfless Service - In South Africa...

Tim Senger, a friend and former business partner, just returned to North America from a stint in South Africa. Tim resides in Edmonton (western Canada) but has just returned from nine months or so of living and working as a volunteer for the charity Edzimkulu, a society for children affected by AIDS, in a remote South African town called Ndawana:

"The Ndawana village lies along a beautiful valley close to the KwaZuluNatal/Eastern Cape border in South Africa. Estimates suggest the population is around 5,000. There’s no power, telephone, running water or sewage system, and the people are generally poor with an estimated umemployment rate of 80%."

Some of Tim's thoughts are online at Tim in Africa, where he's put together a collection of dispatches from the field and home, along with some great pictures. It really is true - a picture IS worth a thousand words - but for the life of me i can't figure out how to link to them; you'll have to go browse the stories and see for yourselves.

Tim's a very smart and insightful guy. He's one of the five founders of the company I joined and helped build some years ago, and working with and getting to know him and other friends there was a highlight of that whole experience. He's great with people, and I'm sure he had as profound an impact on those he served and served with in South Africa as they impacted him. He's also a great photographer - aside from his company and stories, I really enjoy his photos - hoping he'll post more.

Tim, if you read this, I really admire and respect your empathy, dedication and selflessness - three traits that we can always strive for more of, especially in the holiday season.


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