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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yikes! - Someone's Reading This...


I signed up and implemented WebStat tonight, a free service, so I could get some feel for whether this stuff's being read. I tested it maybe an hour after my post on Harry's mention in DevHawk today, and... besides me, someone's reading this! Including one person who logged in from Japan - who the heck was that?

Altogether, it look like 5 people besides me looked at blahgkarma in that hour. That's amazing - I'll bet Harry sent all the traffic over, except I can't find a referrer's report in WebStat... which is odd. I just picked the service at random - if you're reading and you have a service you like, comment and let me know.

Wonder if I've pissed anyone off yet... it won't be long now, I'm sure. I'm getting good at that lately.


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