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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Amazon - Amazing?

Well, I have a blog now, and what do you know? I was browsing around today and tripped over something unexpected on Amazon called Amazon Theater. It was a page/section that featured short movies. At first I thought this was something like what my friend Pat Martin from Three Boys Productions is trying to do with short films like "The Ride" (OK, so I helped edit that one) and MilkMaids (in post-production) - make and aggregate them and then deliver them a variety of different ways.

That wasn't it, though. I watched one film, Agent Orange, and really enjoyed it... but I didn't get it. Not the film - it was self explanatory - but why Amazon was hosting the film. So, I watched another... "Do Geese See God" - this one featured Blair Underwood. Watched the whole thing, and still didn't get it. So I watched it again, and then figured out that its interactive (I won't spoil it - if you don't get it, look around on the page hosting the movie).

Still not getting it. So I scroll the page the movie's hosted on, and there it is... the movies feature products that are then advertised on the pages hosting the movies! I KNEW there had to be a commercial motivation somewhere, but duh! Of course then I browsed back to the original page and had I read it, I would have known. God I love Capitalism!

I'm not looking to advertise for Amazon, but this was kind of a cool idea, and I did like the two movies. Check it out... wonder how far ideas like this will go?


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