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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Point and Shoot...

Church in Leadville, Colorado

I love this photo - its a "point, shoot and hope like hell it comes out" snapshot as opposed to something (composed, measured, calculated, manipulated)... I'm doing a little more of the latter for my job and a little recreation using a Canon D30 I traded a friend for. This shot wasn't on that fancy gear - just a little Olympus 1.5 megapixel job I carried around a couple of summers ago. Fine for the web...

I was driving into Leadville, Colorado having just caught a dozen or so trout in a half hour's flyfishing on the Arkansas River nearby. I had passed the church in the opposite direction heading out to the river, and stopped fishing 'cause the weather started to turn. Which provided a great backdrop for this shot. Rained like hell about 10 minutes later...


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