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Friday, July 29, 2005

Brrr... its Chilli...

Ahhh… one big travel leg down, one to go, but not as long as I thought… I’m in Costa Rica!

Got to Juan Santamaria airport after flying through a nasty little storm. I didn’t’ care – lots of folks on the plane didn’t like it, including the mother and daughter sitting next to me, who were petrified! Plane landed on time, breezed through Customs and Immigration and poof – there were Keith and.

Guillermo – “Chilli Willy” Arias

I’ll pause here for a moment to tell you… if you’re going to Costa Rica and need some local info, ground transportation, a box of Cubans (just to smoke there, of course, not to take home Terry), a canopy tour or trip up to Arenal, Chilli is your man. He’s honest, he’s smart, his english is better than mine and he is Hooked Up with a capital “H”. Can’t go wrong there… E-mail Chilli at chilliwillycr [at] racsa [dot] co [dot] cr, call him at 011-506-382-6816click here. Sorry for the crappy encoding but maybe it will save Chiii from the freaking spammers.

And, some great news… where the road trip to Guanacaste/Flamingo was 4.5 to 5 hours depending on the wind, number of road washouts, overturned trucks and wandering livestock, the drive to Los Suenos is only an hour and a half over good highway the whole way. Sweet! We’ll stop about half way for a cerveza and lunch and then finish off the trip, getting in around 4 local time, I’d guess. Just in time to meet up with the Captain and mate (more on them later), see the boat and plan the next steps, which for tonight I hope will involve some local rum, maybe a cigar for some and a few fish stories for all.


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