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Monday, February 14, 2005

Goodbye Hello...

I use Hello to post pics to my blog here on Blogger, which seems kind of ass backwards, as in "why isn't there just a feature integral to Blogger to let me do this?". Takes a few steps, induces the aggravation of having a picture I'd like to include in a post BECOME a post, and then I either need to edit it or copy the resulting HTML out of the post and paste it into the real one... you get the picture. Not smooth.

What's REALLY not smooth is having a cool little graphic to put up for a post and then finding out Hello has completely crapped out. As in won't run. Like the error message "please reinstall". Bummer.

I found a support thread here that says this is a new yet known problem, and a new build will be forthcoming. Wierd that it just stopped working, although I think I do remember a Windows Update or two yesterday.

Can't be too burned up. Its free, after all. Guess my witty little pics will have to wait, for now. Tonight its worth what I paid for it...


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