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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More escape:route and Technorati...

Courtesy Henry Dawson and escape:route

I set up a Technorati Watch List for "escape travel album" (you can subscribe to it here) and have been watching it to see how this cool site is catching on. Had an interesting dialog with Henry Dawson, the artist, too. Very interesting guy.

Ran into a little trouble doing a watchlist as "escape:route" - the results via Watchlist aren't specific to that exact string, and a direct search returns no hits. Hmmm... Maybe Dave Sifry will help me with that... I'm sure its just another stupid human trick.

Technorati is awesome - while I'm sleeping, its looking for stuff in the blogosphere that I'm interested in. I opened Outlook today (I watch RSS feeds with NewsGator, so I get all my e-mail AND my bloggage in Outlook) and a reference to the site on the Eyebeam reBlog (a blog on Art and Technology) and another on The Bit Cruncher (Luc Geurts' blog from The Netherlands).

I did a less strict search and also found a reference here in Japanese.

Technorati does a good job of putting the most relevant and most recent stuff to the front. I'm still learning the tool, but so far its a great thing.


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