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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Technorati - "Off the Hook" Customer Service...

Have you ever gotten a tech support call - from the vendor, unsolicited? Never heard of it. But I got one of these. OK, it was an e-mail; well, actually a comment on a post that generated an e-mail...

Did you read my post on the coolness of Technorati? If you didn't, take a minute to read it, and then come back...

Besides commenting on how cool Technorati is, I also commented on a glitch I experienced. Which, and I'm floored to say it, made its way (via Technorati, no doubt) to David Sifry, the founder/CEO. He then commented on the post:

"Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm going to send this issue directly to our developers, we'll look into what's going on and help get things fixed for you. Hey we're still a young service and still have bugs.

Thanks again for saying such kind things about Technorati. We are 100% focused on serving you.


Sonofabitch, this guy has some balls. Talk about Customer Service. Mommy! And he encourages people to contact him - directly. What's he thinking? (grin).

This is definitely an example of at least two very interesting things...

  • what "going to the edge for the customer" means (in 15 years of dealing in technology, I've NEVER had this experience).
  • what a wild and useful utility/service Technorati is.
I have no idea how these folks make money - if they do - but the ability to have a watchlist perpetually scanning the blogosphere for whatever interests me, get updated via RSS and facilitate these kinds of nearly-instant connections is revolutionary.

Check out Dave's Blog. And Dave, if you're listening/reading (and I know you are), I hope you're going to the Blog Business Summit. If you are, I'm buying you the beverage of your choice!


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