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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Cautiously Optimistic...

Things are a little better today. My mom-in-law had her emergency surgery, and survived it. This was a major concern both due to her age and the severity of her condition. Now we wait to see what all they found, how serious it was, and how/if she'll recover. We're sure she had Cancer - we're not sure of much else but as test results come back and she recovers from the surgery, things will begin to come a little better into focus.

I'm a little worried that some in our family take crossing this initial hurdle as "whew - she's going to be OK". I'm not going to squash any hope, but deep down I know these stories hardly ever come out with a happy ending. Maybe this one will be the exception.

I hope so.

I wish I could will it so. I would if I could.


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