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Monday, January 31, 2005

Bad Things/Good People

You know how some guys have the mother-in-law from hell? Not me. Mine has always treated me better than my own family did in some ways. She'd do it for you, if she knew you.

I have the greatest mom-in-law in the world.

But now she's sick.

Sick - Sick.

-----> As in saw her doctor on Friday and told she'd need surgery.

----------> Admitted to the hospital today (Monday).

---------------> Major surgery tomorrow (Tuesday).

--------------------> (insert concern and sadness here)

Hope everything comes out OK, but its pretty serious - we'll have to wait and see.

Good doctor, great hospital - she has the best chance she can. Isn't it rude to get this kind of reminder that we don't direct much of what happens in our lives?

Or that a day, an hour, a moment can sometimes make such a difference.

Hug someone you love right now.

While you can.


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