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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

HD Looking UP?

HD Looking Up?

Browsing my inbox this morning and read an e-mail from DirecTV. I usually trash these, since they tend not to have anything new I'm interested in, but for whatever reason I opened it. Typical Marketing-speak (paraphrased :-)...

"Its a new year. DirecTV loves you. We're doing a bunch of (not really so) new things. We're rethinking TV. Blah, blah, blah."

Just as I got ready to trash the note, I read this under "Coming Up":

• Four new satellites providing over 1,500 high-definition channels across the country

What? Is that true? I wonder what that means, exactly (like are they repackaging a bunch of content that's not HD and somehow delivering it as HD? Hell, I'd be happy with something like 20 new channels, although I don't want to pay more than they're already clipping me for the existing couple of channels.

Makes me think more about that HD Tivo. But not enough more to buy it - yet.


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