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Thursday, January 13, 2005

More Karma...

I'm Going!

Wouldn't you know it... I had no sooner posted below that I was hoping the Seattle trip for the Blog Business Summit and more would work out, and I got the e-mail I was hoping for from my boss.

My employer works with several organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm going to combine some personal business with business-business and do a couple of site visits. I always enjoy seeing what others are doing that's innovative, and haven't come away from a site visit yet where I didn't collect up good ideas.

As for the Blog Business Summit, I hope to meet Tom Peters and Halley Suitt, among others. I'm less interested in the business blogging than I am in better getting a handle on blogging in general - where its going, why its become such a social phenomenon, where might the opportunities be. And what better way to gain the insight than to interact with thought-leaders on the subject. At a cheap price. In a great city. Can't be beat.

Einstein once said he liked to "polish [his] mind off of the bright minds of others"... I love the same. And, we're going to do some benchmarking projects this coming year, so it will be good to make the contacts with my peers and out of our local market.

Chill, Harry... I'll get with you on the details (grin).


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