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Sunday, January 16, 2005


I have to admit, I'm jonesing for a Personal Video Recorder, or more specifically, the way-too-expensive-to-warrant-buying-it HD PVR for DirecTV. I think its a grand, but I can put that kind of "cha-ching" to better use...

I went HD maybe a year and a half or two years ago... moved from cable to DirecTV, bought a fancy Sony HD-SAT200 receiver and then figured out that there's still a dearth of HD programming. And at something like $800 for the receiver, this was none too fun to figure out.

I guess its getting better. And, I truly enjoy watching {whatever} in HD and with digital sound when I can find it. I'm still peeved to have to invest in the hardware AND pay more for the DirecTV HD content (whatever happened to the "razor and razorblades" thing - shouldn't I just have to pay for one or the other?). Maybe I'll just choke down getting another receiver (a standard DirecTV PVR is $100 plus another $5 a month for the extra box).


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