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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Holy Crap, the New Acrobat is Fast!


Download the new Acrobat 7 reader. Guess its called Adobe Reader now. Whatever. If you're viewing PDFs (who isn't?), you want this upgrade, which opens up - oh, I don't know - maybe 100 times faster than Reader 6. Forget about the new features - the damned thing finally PERFORMS.

I have a love-hate relationship with Acrobat. We used to sell against Adobe for electronic forms applications and beat the crap out of them; an enterprise-wide deal with Boeing (where we beat them, BTW) didn't hurt. But for static content (i.e. you're not filling and trying to store/workflow/integrate with other systems), PDFs are great.

I ordered the new Pro version of Acrobat (the whole deal, not Reader), but its not here yet so I DL'd the Reader and like the performance. I like to store documents I'm circulating in PDF, but I'm not using it - or anything, really - for e-forms since the Shana days. God, we were ahead of our time. Designing and distributing and filling forms with our products was a head-and-shoulders-above experience versus even current versions of competing tools. Which is why FileNet snapped us up before someone else could. It certainly wasn't for our good looks or a variety of other company attributes.

I miss our old apps - I could really apply them to good use at my new gig - and my old pals. Used Excel to design a simple form the other day - it sucked compared to what Informed used to do, and the user's experience will pretty well suck too, but its better than paper. That's life...


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