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Friday, December 17, 2004

Sweet Potato Pie...

You know when you're having a blah or sort-of-crappy day and then something pops in from left field, gives you a little chuckle and then you all-of-a-sudden realize - "hey, the day's not THAT crappy"? Happened to me today.

I was browsing around for business and landed at the Orlando Sentinel online. I have some business responsibilities in Orlando and like to get the (virtual) local paper to see what sort of local issues are floating around, and whether we're mentioned (that happens ocassionally).

Anyway, there I was when I saw a little headline that said "Here's a gift to make your mouth water". It might surprise you, but I'm not the most organized fellow when it comes to the holidays, so I still have a few (is there an emoticon for "lying"?) gifts to work out. I like food, and food gifts, so I got sucked in looking for an easy solution. Instead, I found an article that cracked me up on how to make the "perfect" sweet potato pie. I mean, where can you find a good recipe for sweet potato pie, and then crack up while reading it?

I'm going to try the recipe, and when I do, I'll be replaying the little movie the writer, Mike Thomas, developed in my head - him standing there being half-scolded by Ethel Mae (you have to read the article), and probably half-screwing it up along the way. I got a really good chuckle out of the article, but seriously, where can you find a decent sweet potato pie?

My mouth's already watering...


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