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Monday, December 20, 2004

Holidays, Friends and Food...

Happy Handmade

Popped on over to Pat's last night after dinner. Not that any time's a bad time, but the holidays are just a great time to spend with friends, aren't they?

I have to admit I had an ulterior motive, though... besides being an accomplished filmmaker Pat's a serious foodie, and can cook his ass off. Last night he was making Pear Chutney from scratch. I got to prep, which is always fun, and the recipe is so easy, but its so good. Only downer is it has to sit for a week to blend before we eat it - damn! Had a few nips of my homemade Limoncello from last year... time to make more of that.

Food's a great equalizer, and socializing while preparing food for friends and family one the things I truly enjoy, and that I don't do anywhere near enough of. I feel a feeding frenzy coming on...


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