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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sorry, but I'm Tied Up at the Moment...


Tell me this isn’t cool:

My name is Caspar and I would like to welcome you to my webpage on how to tie a tie!

You know, I created this site for people just like you:

  • the working professional who switched jobs recently and needs to wear a tie now but doesn't know how to tie it,
  • the college graduate figuring how to tie a tie before that first job interview,
  • the high school senior needing immediate advice on tying ties before leaving for the prom,
  • and, basically, anyone else who's interested in learning how to tie a tie simply for the fun of it. Yes, for the fun of it!

I have two confessions.  One, I don’t enjoy wearing a tie.  Part of the deal is it just seems like a bother.  Part of the deal is I don’t like feeling like I ‘have to’ dress a particular way.  Part of it is wearing casual dress like a badge-of-courage (I still pride myself on not having owned a suit of any sort for the past 12 or so years).


Being the organizational-culture if not -style chameleon I am, though, there are times when at least wearing a tie, and ocassionally a jacket, too, is the right thing to do.  And, so you don’t think I just hate ties, I once bought a great, hand-made Lee Allison silk tie that had little TVs on it.  The company offered outstanding customer service, too; am amazing experience and product all the way around.

Sorry, I digress.

Confession number two – I suck at tying a tie.  Always have.  Never really learned the “right” way, I suppose.  Its not that I don’t WANT to tie a good knot…


So, I’m loving Caspar’s gift to manly tie-dom…  Several knot styles, step-by-step instructions, more detailed pics than I grabbed here… how could you go wrong?  I’ll be a frequent visitor, at least until I learn how to tie the blasted thing right.

Wish I still had that Lee Allison tie… it got away from me some years back.  Pity.


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