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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm Touched...

Probably seems like a pretty small thing to anyone reading, but my son Jonathan cooked a whole breakfast for me this morning.  Which, considering at 14 he’s got WAY more interesting things to do with his time, was really considerate of him.  He’s a great little cook (chip off the old block), AND he cleaned it all up.  Hope he isn’t atoning for some unknown sin (grin).

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like when he and Leeann head off for college.  Leeann’s a junior this year, so I’m already feeling like we’re on the threshold of her leaving home, and it doesn’t feel like Jonathan will be far behind her.  Its weird to even think about it, but its right around the corner now.

I’m certainly glad to see the kids grow – they’re really more like little adults at this point – but its certainly sad in a way too, since I know they’ll be having their own lives and careers and kids and… the whole enchilada.

I’m taking a week off this month during the kids’ spring break, and you know what – I don’t think we’re going to do a darned thing except be around.  Won’t have too many more opportunities for that…


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