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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Music Buying Bliss...


David Francey

Don’t know what made me think of it, but I remembered this morning that David Francey, a great singer/songwriter from Newfoundland was supposed to have a new CD out. Francey is part of a great folk music tradition in Atlantic Canada – if you like acoustic guitar and great vocals, check him out.

So I get this idea I want to shop, and did what any good music fan would do – popped into Amazon and sure enough the CD is there. Waking Hour was available for immediate shipping using my Amazon Prime “all you can eat express shipping” dealio, so I bought it.

Isn’t instant online gratification grand! Of course, Amazon and HBSP Online will be the financial death of me, but hey – you can’t really take it with you.

Of course, no shopping experience is complete without an impulse buy. You know, you’re standing there in line and the next thing you know you throw that candy bar into the buggy, or a magazine – whatever. Shopping at Amazon is no different – I stood in line thinking “hey, does Great Big Sea have anything new out”? Ask, and ye shall receive – their album (are they still called that?) Something Beautiful* releases this month, so it will be showing up at the door too.


Great Big Sea

Too bad so many folks look at the Canadian music scene as the farm league for the US market. You know – reach some success in Canada so you can “Make It” in the US. The folky/Celtic music the Newfoundlanders (I’d have called them “Newfies”, but found on Wikipedia that some consider the term derogatory) are making is world class – stick to your roots, guys, and thanks for making the music.


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