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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

High Tech, High Touch

As highly automated as our world has become, I find a lot of folks have forgotten how to balance high tech with high touch, or maybe they don't give a crap about it. In any business built on relationships (what business isn't?), its just too easy to forget or miss opportunties for high touch when high tech mighs substitute.

I'm a high tech kind of guy - e-mail reigns supreme in my business world. But, I still take the time to personally seek out face time with the folks I work with, who I need and who need me. And, although some would argue its "old fashioned", I still liberally apply handwritten thank you's, as painful as it is for me to write them (handwriting something feels incredibly uncomfortable to me after spending 15 years at the keyboard).

A small personal touch goes an incredibly long way in our high tech world. Take the time. And if writing thank-yous and personally delivering them is old fashioned, then you business leaders out there take heed - dial up a dose of "old fashioned" right away.


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