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Saturday, March 05, 2005

I Love To Collect a Good Magazine Now and Again...

Are any of you magazine collectors, like me? A magazine collector is someone who subscribes to magazines they're really interested in, but then lets them sit around the house once they arrive rather than reading them. Until, you know, you sit down in a marathon session one evening or rainy Sunday and then just rail your way through them.

Don’t misunderstand… I don’t collect magazines the way you used to collect National Geographic. I just let them sit around until I can’t stand it any more and then I read, and read, and read, and read them.

Since I've succumbed to my technology/photography lust, I thought I'd start collecting (notice I didn't say reading) a few Photo mags. I used to read Popular Photography maybe - oh, I don't know - a hundred years ago, and thought it might be a useful source not only of digital detritus, but useful photo techniques. So I figured I'd subscribe to it.


The Popular Photography website looks cool, too. I'm trying to research some lens options to determine whether I get the Rebel XT with or without the "kit" lens. Who knows... maybe I'll get good at this!


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