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Monday, March 07, 2005

Weather or Not...

There are two weather days that interest me in Florida; they signal the change in seasons (we don’t really have 4 of those here).  The first day is typically in late September or early October, and its the day you can walk from you front door to the car and not have broken a humidity-induced sweat.  Its a glorious day – Winter has arrived, even though its probably 80 degrees or better, and the anticipation of cooler, more comfortable days and nights is palpable.

We’ve had a lovely winter this year.  Warm days (and a few “cold” ones), crisp, clear nights.  But all of that is going to slink away soon on the second weather day – the day when the humidity returns. 

Its a gorgeous morning; about 75 degrees, sun is shining, the birds are chirping.  I’m going to miss all of that when we become sequestered in the world of air conditioning and life-threatening humidity.  Coming to a South Florida hamlet near you soon…


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