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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Hey, the Ceiling is Wet in Here"...

Damnit - enough of this hurricane-related bullshit already - this roof shit has officially gotten old. Its not just raining OUTSIDE, but now its raining INSIDE, courtesy of the hole I had to drill in the ceiling drywall to let 2 gallons of water go where it wanted to go - down.

Good news is - only two to four more weeks before I get my new roof.

(don't even get me started)

At least my attic is accessible. And I only stuck my fat head on maybe a dozen shingle staples sticking through the plywood (probably the only dozen on the original roof shingles, pieces-of-shit they were) on my way to the EXTREME remote corner of the attic.

I so want to cuss a blue cyber-streak at the moment, but who would care or listen.

"Sheeet. Son of Beetch."


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