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Thursday, March 17, 2005

And the Winner Is...

The winner of the 2005 Bloggies “Best American Weblog” category I sponsored is…

Dooce. Congratulations, Heather. Your $20.05 is on its way…

Runners-up in this category were Go Fug Yourself (apparently a fashion blog, or blog on ugly fashion), Eschaton (blog by Florida Congressman Allen Boyd), Tequila Mockingbird (I’m not going to try to describe this one) and Wonkette (a very popular gossipy political inside-the-Beltway blog). Of these, Dooce is the only one I’ve read and that only occasionally so I can’t recommend them (I voted for Halley’s Comment, but she didn’t make the cut). But a bunch of other people must have liked them… Internet democracy being what it is.

Dooced also won the Most Humorous Weblog and Best Tagline of a Weblog Bloggie categories. That’s like $180 total. Rock on, sister – but don’t spend it all on that crazy “girls going wild” outing or you’ll be sorry.

p.s. before I get flamed for allegedly taking credit for someone else’s work I should point out I was only one sponsor of this category – eventually The Blog Herald and Julie also piled on. I wonder if they’re taking credit for MY work?


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