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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good Evening, Mr. President...

OK, I’ve finally given in and added the Bill Clinton Daily Diary blog to the blahgRoll.  I laugh my ass off every time I read this thing.  It took me two posts when I first read it to figure out its a spoof.  Its funnier than a three-legged dog.

Whoever writes this thing has captured the essence of what I think Clinton’s writing would be like if he did author his own blog.  Which is absurd in and of itself, since he’d never do it (if the former president did have a blog, I’ll bet there would be loads of editors involved).

His politics aside, if you didn’t get enough Clinton Comedy while he was in office you have to check this out!


p.s. if you’re reading, Mr. President, I’m sorry.  I know its cruel but the devil made me do it.


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