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Saturday, December 04, 2004

So where in the world is...

Hobe Sound, Florida? I like to say its the first green place north of the South Florida Metroplex (for me, that's everything from Miami to Jupiter, Florida - all the stuff that seems to run together regardless of political boundary).

Hobe Sound is the southernmost town in Martin County, Florida. Martin County has pretty much had a no- or slow/moderate-growth policy for the past 20 years, which my town benefits from. I guess there are maybe 10,000 residents or so, and we're right on the east coast - literally, like we're a beach town. Beautiful public beach about a mile and a quarter from my house (yes, I'm rubbing it in). I'll have to post a picture or two.

But please, whatever you do - don't come here. We have to tell lies like "traffic is terrible and the weather's worse" to keep new residents from moving here and further driving the housing market through the roof. That's the way in so much of Florida - get to a place and then hope you can slam the door shut on the next guy that wants to move here and enjoy what you enjoy. Oh well - life here today's great, the sun's shining and the Christmas parade is just wrapping up. What more could you ask for?


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