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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Outlook is smarter than me...

Outlook 2003 is smarter than I am, and it knows what's best for me. Which is obviously why, after it took a lifetime downloading a legitimate message with an 80 MB attachment, it WON'T LET ME ACCESS IT. I remember seeing a note somewhere that this feature was around, and truthfully, the person that sent me the file could have had the foresight to zip it, but give me a break... no matter how I try, I can't seem the get the damned attachment out of the message.

I even imported the message into Outlook Express as a .pst file, hoping I was smarter than Express, but no - like its more fully-featured brother, it foiled with the "I'm protecting you from unsafe attachments" feature. Tried forwarding the message to another of my mail accounts and no joy - the message hasn't shown up in the account (at least I only get to it via browser - I have to be smarter than it).

If someone has randomly come across this message and is smarter than Outlook in this regard, send a smoke signal and let me know how to get around it.


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