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Friday, December 24, 2004

It happened again!

I posted below on losing something you knew you'd never see again and then getting it returned. Well, it happened to me again today!

Since the hurricanes I've been missing a cool little leather portfolio a friend bought me years ago. Had no idea where I'd put it. Then, this afternoon out-of-the-blue I get a call... "I have a portfolio here that I think might belong to you; would you like to stop by and take a look?"

The call came from a lady at George's Restaurant, a tiny little hole-in-the-wall place in Port Salerno - what used to be a little fishing town (commercial and sport), but is now what realtors call "in transition" or maybe "gentrifying". It was my missing portfolio, and I was really glad to get it back. Again, karma... I had stopped in at this place I've passed for years thinking "what the heck - I'll try it". Had a great breakfast, and overtipped the waitress a few bucks just 'cause I could (banking the good karma), and here we are something like a month later and she had dug around for a credit card receipt from the day the portfolio was found, hit the phone book, and poof - portfolio and owner reunited (returning the good karma with it and generating more).

If you're in Salerno, Stuart or Hobe Sound and are looking for a quiet place for a good breakfast, check out George's.

I appreciate getting the portfolio back, but I'm really grateful for the effort the lady put in to return it. I'm not making a $40K donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters, though...


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