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Friday, March 18, 2005

Hi Sandy!


An old friend popped up on the radar tonight.  Sandy Kemsley, a former exec from FileNet I had business with, sent me a change-of-email-address form and we reconnected a bit by e-mail.  Sandy’s one of the folks who “got” the whole electronic forms thing at FileNet, and her forward thinking was largely responsible for the attention our solution got there (thanks Sandy) and also helped moved FileNet to buy us before we could pit them and Microsoft against each other (you bitch!).

Sandy is one of the most forward-thinking and knowledgeable tech executives I know.  She’s an entrepreneur at heart, having founded and run a couple of successful businesses in addition to cracking the code at FileNet (she worked directly for the President.  Business Process Management is one of her areas of knowledge, although she’s also a great system and business architect (you reading, Harry?) and is equally fluent in the language of systems and the language of business.  An extraordinary woman, and she has a sense of humor like you wouldn’t believe.  Truly a joy to work with.  She’s consulting on her own again, through her company Kemsley Design.  Good for her.

I remembered tonight that Sandy was the first person I knew other than Harry that had something like a blog.  It wasn’t called that back then, but she travelled extensively and put travelogue entries and photos up on a website and updated it often.  That’s what a blog is today.  Wonder if she still does/has that?

Good to hear from you, Sandy.  Lets keep in touch.


p.s. just make your trip to Miami a couple of weeks instead of one and drive the convertible down.  By the time you reach Georgia you’ll stop freezing your ass off!


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