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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Progress in Site...

Still playing with a new layout for the Jungle Rules website, but we’ve put a new look and up a few new pages including one with a video/slideshow of August’s trip. More photo galleries, another (downloadable) slideshow, and screensaver download or two are all planned, along some background on the boat, the crew, etc. Probably some background/info/photos of the Marriott and marina in Los Suenos, and the same for the Flamingo Marina Resort (which, ironically, no longer has a marina), which are the places we typically stay.

We’re also going to add a “getting ready” page so Keith can have a reference for his guests, friends and family that might use the boat. You don’t have to know a lot to come to Costa Rica and have a good time, but a little planning in terms of what to bring and what to expect will go a long way. We’ll probably also point to or incorporate content from some other sportfishing-focused sites, so if you know of worthy candidates, feel free to make suggestions.


Trying to talk Keith and Jamie into a little blog action to serve as the Jungle Rules fishing report. Don’t know that either of them will have the time or motivation to keep it up, even if I get it all going. We’ll see – maybe Jamie can phone in reports when he’s in-country and I can post on upgrades/updates to the boat (several are planned, although the Gamefisherman is awesome the way it is). Seems like it would be a good way for Keith to keep his boating friends and family up to date on the Program.

Anyway, more to come. Check out the Jungle Rules site if you have minute, and as always, constructive criticism always appreciated.


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