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Sunday, August 14, 2005

On the Rebound...

Keith’s headed back to Flamingo for Labor Day weekend – he’s bringing his 10 year old daughter for her first ever daughter/dad offshore fishing trip. I may join him with a kid or two of my own if I can get away and the flights are not horrendous. Either of mine would really enjoy the trip for their own reasons, but I don’t know that a trip with both of them over just a couple of days will offer enough variety to please both, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

It would be awesome if I can work it out… Leeann’s probably the better candidate, since she’s taken 4 years of Spanish and we could see if it pays off at all (grin), but she doesn’t have a passport and that could be a problem. Jonathan would freak at the waves and the fishing, all in a good way.

The lodging should work out better cost-wise this time – we met a family from Minnesota that owns two condos at the same place we stay at and the cost renting from them is at least a third lower than taking a place through the Resort, with all the same amenities. And, there are a number of good house rental options within a 5 minute drive from the boat. Buena suerte there, for sure…


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