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Saturday, August 27, 2005

More Nextel Sucks-age...

SuckageHow does Nextel stay in business? This hasn’t gotten any better since the last time I ranted about it… Maybe the radio aspect of the system works in some places, but it doesn’t seem to work reliably anywhere near me. I’ve just about given up on the whole thing and am ready to move my number – hmmm, move it back to AT&T (which doesn’t really exist anymore), or to Verizon (they have a push-to-talk feature, but I only know three people on it), or go somewhere else.

Wish I’d never left AT&T, given that the main reason for doing so was the convenience of the radio. Now I find that a) I’ll start a conversation on PTT or someone will start one with me and we’ll wind up on cell anyway since it doesn’t work worth a crap, and b) people have a tendency to try to reach you on the radio, and when they don’t they don’t follow up with a cell call and leave you a message.

Bah hum-bug. Nextel sucks… still.


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