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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fame Here... Will Fortune Follow?


Wow.  A blahgKarma post on religious wars in the tech business got an entry in Scoble’s link blog.  That makes one think.  That stream has to be read by everyone on the Internet by now (OK, maybe not EVERYONE…).

I had posted on a topic that involved Robert Scoble and someone else and a bunch of comments on the subject, and the next thing you know, *poof*, I’m on the link blog.  I wasn’t looking for or expecting this (as opposed to Hugh shamelessly begging for a link to English Cut, the world’s only blog on bespoke tailoring) but I like it.  Thanks Robert.

And BTW, Robert – keep doing what you’re doing.  There are a lot of voices in the blog world (is the term blogosphere  starting to sound corny to anyone else yet?) – yours is one that sparks thought, and lots of us enjoy reading it.  Even the ones who don’t can’t say you don’t highlight interesting issues (generally, they like the issue – they don’t like your point of view.  They don’t have to read or agree with it, either… just like they don’t have to read or agree with mine.  Isn’t America great!)



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