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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tom Peters - Idea Factory

Some ideas...

Check out "Tom Peters' 100 Ways to Succeed/Make Money". I loved the material - I think it would be really well suited to be a manifesto. If Tom does it, I hope someone will edit it for style (typography, not content). I love reading Tom Peters (if you haven't checked out his blog, "Dispatches from the New World of Work", read it); always thought-provoking, but sometimes its hard to get past all the exclamation mark! And. Sentence fragments!

Thanks to Troy Worman over at Orbit Now for pointing us to this. I keep reading Orbit Now 'cause I like the varied stuff Troy posts - some his own, some links, some insights, but also 'cause I think he has the coolest mantra/tagline - "Don't wait for permission to succeed". Sounds like a book title to me... do it up, Troy.


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