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Friday, January 28, 2005

Bad paintbrush. Bad!

Bad paintbrush. Bad!

God, I am so NOT a painter. Imagine painting a color you thought looked great on the paint chip in your new office. Not one coat, but two. On two walls. And that you not only did a crappy job with the painting (poor cut-in, roller strokes - the usual), but that color, dried and up there on those two big 'ol walls, looks hideous. But that's OK, 'cause my co-workers will value that I put myself out there and tried, right?

Welcome to my personal hell.

I hate to paint. Never been good at it, either. I thought I was going to save myself or the company a few bucks and do it myself. Big mistake.

A friend is going to help me fix this tomorrow. I feel like an ass. Yet another reason to let people who are good at something you're not do the work.

Grrrrr... and the color looks almost like that in the picture here.


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