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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Getting to "No" You...

Great post on "things to say no to" in business on Sam Decker's blog, Decker Marketing. If you're a manager, executive, or business owner and you know me, you'll often hear me talk about dropping the stuff that doesn't get you to the goal-line, and pretty directly. That's the gist of Sam's post, which I think has a lot of merit.

Saying no is one of the hardest things I learned in going out on my own and into business. I'm still not good at it in many ways, but I got good at looking at strategy and then what folks were doing and questioning the stuff "we've always done", and especially things we did "because we've always done it this way". Not always tactfully, but honestly.

Learning to drop customers, products, initiatives, goals - even people - that no longer (or maybe never really did?) lead directly toward success is a hard thing to get used to, but get used to it; its an essential business skill.

What can you stop doing this year to be more successful?

Thanks to Ross at Strategize, one of the cool blogs I'm reading, for posting on this and in turn twigging me to it.


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