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Monday, January 10, 2005

Step Into My Office...

My Office - Sort OF

Welcome to my office. Well, one of my offices, anyway. OK, its really just a county park that I sit at and work sometimes...

Where I office has been a running joke since I started my job, as in I haven't had one. Its not for lack of interest on the company's part... but the place where my work focuses didn't have enough room for me, so I've had the good news/bad news scenario of working from home and seeing clients out for the past 10 months or so. It made more sense at the time than sinking something like six grand of the company's hard earned cash into renting a place I'd probably be in half the time anyway.

Anyone who's worked from home knows what I'm talking about on the good news/bad news front... the freedom to set hours and work the way you want, balanced by all manner of home activities swirling around. At a previous house I had a sweet little apartment on the back of my garage that was the world headquarters for my then-business, SquareOne Solutions. Little did the CIO at The World Bank or Apple or Motorola clients know or care that I did some of my best thinking and most creative problem solving in a little 150 sf efficiency apartment.

Its different now. I love the view as I sit on the back porch using my cell and surfing the web wirelessly, but I'm sick of it, too. Not having a place to go for work has the attendant disadvantage of having to keep all the crap that supports your work - somewhere. And working from home IN your home as opposed to in an office AT your home sucks.

I'll have a new office in the next couple of weeks, and while I'll miss the view of the pool I can always work from home a day or two here and there, and can always sneak off to the park for a little creative thinking... like I did today.


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