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Monday, January 03, 2005

Been away for a week or so now... not physically, unfortunately, just mentally and emotionally.

The holidays are a crazy time of year for me in lots of ways, but we don't want to blog on or read about that, I'm pretty sure. This year they were safe and more relaxing than some for the couple of days I actually took off (I turned my cell off for two entire days between Christmas and today) which is good. Being in a hurricane-splayed house isn't so much fun (again, if you're a roofer - please come fix my roof). The physical disruption of having crap not where it usually goes sucks, and it feeds a little discord loop in my head - kind of like a little slightly-off-key Musak in the background.

How could I complain? I have a pretty great life. Health is good. Money in the bank and an income. A roof over my head. A family. But the holidays always remind me of times when some, most and even once none of the above were true. Not in a nostalgic, 'look at how lucky I am now' way, but more in a 'man, that SUCKED' way. Not sure why that is.

Got a little reality check from my son, though. We're driving along doing not much of anything and purely out of the blue he blurts out "We're pretty priveledged, aren't we Dad?". A sage comment from a 12 year old, but how true.


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