Random musings, observations, squeaks, whimpers and perhaps the ocassional rant. About what, I'm not sure.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Hello there. Welcome to BlogKarma. Ok - I guess its actually "BlahgKarma". Seems that the word "blog" can't appear in the title of a blog here on Blogger. Hmmm. Depending on what I write, "blahgkarma" might actually be more descriptive, "blah" being the operative word!

Not sure what I'm doing here, exactly, except maybe getting over some kooky little aversion I've had to writing random thoughts for others to see. A good friend from Microsoft, Harry Pierson, started blogging DevHawk - oh, I don't know - two years ago - and has been trying to get me to start writing since, but I've always had about a gazillion excuses not to. Especially "what would I write that anyone else would read". Guess we'll find out how that works.

Thanks, and good luck finding whatever it is that brought you down this branch of the web - pretty sure its not in this post!