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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Watch Me...

Seiko Sportura Duo Display Chronograph

Who doesn’t like a cool watch?  I was browsing around the thousand or so RSS blog updates I’m behind on and found a reference to the new Seiko Sportura watch series.  Very slick – several configurations, including one I’ve kind of been looking for – analog and digital with an alarm feature.  Not sure I like the price, though – retails around $700 although I found it online at Amazon for about $350 plus a few bucks for shipping.

While hunting around for the feature list and the user guide, I figured going to Seiko would be a good start.  Not so much.  Their site is nicely styled, but the section on the Sportura has some weird bugs – like you can’t really drill into the photos of the watches and get anywhere, and there’s no real feature list.  Seems odd for a company that spent so much money on their design, and then the execution – at least from a shopper’s perspective – sucks.


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